We've recently enabled the CDS_MARK_PIPELINE_AS_FAILURE feature flag and it's a great improvement for our users.
Another improvement that we would like to have is to make it clear what exactly will happen with the pipeline after pressing this button.
For a long time it's been one of the most burning issues for our users. They ask for a big and always visible "Rollback" button, so that in case something goes wrong with a rollout, everyone will immediately understand what to do, without reading docs. The "Mark as failed" button does not explain what will happen, because different failure strategies can be chosen at the stage levels. I'm not sure how exactly this can be improved in the UI. Potentially, some info icon, which will show what will happen after pressing this button, based on what stages are currently running and what their failure strategies are.
Please let me know if you can implement it or if you have some other ideas about how this can be made clearer for our users.
Created by Usheer Fotedar
3 days ago