Harness uses standard PromQL for a prometheus data source? or does Harness parse and translate before querying?
for example, i started out using the query builder to generate a base query:
which returns a data set. But when I update it to this:
sum(My_Success_Metric{service="my-service"}) + sum(My_Failure_Metric{service="my-service"})
Harness throws an error about not being able to parse it - it looks like the + causes the error:
{"status":"error","errorType":"bad_data","error":"1:83: parse error: unexpected \u003caggr:sum\u003e"}
If we URL encode the value using '%2b' it seems to work. Is it possible to use vanilla pomql without URL escaping?
From Harness which url encodes those special characters on harness end, in the middle-ware, before passing the data along to prometheus.
The query user paste into harness should work in prometheus, or grafana, or anywhere else where pomql is used?
Created by Nandeesh GK
March 20, 2024