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Slow Dashboard Loading and Modification in Harness Application
Experiencing significant performance issues with the Harness dashboard, particularly when trying to edit existing dashboards. The loading and modification processes are incredibly slow, making the dashboard nearly unusable. I've left the edit page loading for more that 15 minutes without success. . Originally reported January 05, 2024 15:38 Necessary details from the support ticket (Some messages omitted): "We have made some changes to our Database and the query latency should be much better now. Given the amount of testcases and our retention period of tests data, this dashboard will not load instantly but should be way better than before. We will continue to look for more optimizations with our planned DB restructuring project." 2024-02-09 Harness Support "I don't notice any speed differences when loading the dashboard ( ). I still cannot edit the dashboard table either due to the query never finishing although now it displays an error. When attempting to edit the table on the the example dashboard it shows an error after about 3 minutes. The error message is "The PostgreSQL 9.5+ database encountered an error while running this query.". The error seems to be repeatable each time also." 2024-02-10 Response from myself "We appreciate your ongoing patience regarding this. We wanted to inform you that addressing the issue necessitates significant architectural adjustments on our end, possibly including database migration. This solution is intended for long-term effectiveness." 2024-04-17 Harness Support
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